The visual communication course focuses on the different communication systems in which photography or images are used. The course studies the image as an object, made by visual codes, that can be explored or interpreted. The photographer, as image creator, needs to have an in-depth technical knowledge linked to a great aesthetics. They also need the ability to interpret. modern media, where images are now predominant.

The visual communication course is structured in two parts, each of them held by different teachers with a fashion and a reportage background. The editorial world is discussed in depth from a practical perspective which takes into account working dynamics.

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LESSONS | 16, 4 hours each
HOURS | 64
CERTIFICATE | Certificate of attendance
LANGUAGE | English or Italian


  1. Visual communication introduction
  2. Image analysis
    • signs and symbols
    • composition
    • image and perception
    • codes interpretation
    • element of color psychology
  3. Photography fields analysis: relationship between images and fields
  4. Media
    • media analysis with a focus on photography
    • traditional media
    • new media
    • social media
    • relationship between images and media
  5. Magazine
    • magazines analysis
    • sector-based editing
    • choosing the right shot for the right magazine
    • news lifecycle
  6. Newsroom
    • styling choices
    • content choices
    • newsroom routine
    • art direction
    • relationship between advertiser and newsroom
  7. Photographic and iconographic search
  8. Moodboard
    • editoral moodboards samples
    • moodboard suitability
    • moodboard essentials
    • moodboard making
  9. Shooting an idea
    • theory
    • styling and theme choices
    • location analysis
    • lighting
  10. Elements of marketing
    • image journey from photographers to media
    • control and loss of information
    • self-promotion
    • portfolio
    • censorship and self-censorship
  11. Agencies
    • communication agencies
    • photographer agencies
    • model agencies
    • how to promote to an agency
  12. Advertising
    • magazines and advertisers
    • commercial needs
    • presenting a product with different styles

At the end of the visual communication course students will be given a certificate of attendance with an evaluation based on their performance.