The still life photography course deals with one of the most fascinating and requested specializations in the professional advertising photography world.
Still life photographers work together with newsrooms, publishing houses, advertising agencies and various clients to shoot catalogs, brochures, campaigns and billboards. Students learn the fundamentals of adv. photography, both at a theoretical and at a practical level.
Still life photography is also very important in design, furniture and food fields.
The still life photography course by the school of photography provides digital backs and large-format cameras.
During the course students create very high-quality and creative pictures.

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LESSONS | 16, 4 hours each
HOURS | 64
CERTIFICATE | Certificate of attendance
LANGUAGE | English or Italian
Cameras, lenses and equipment are provided by John Kaverdash Academy of Photography.


  1. Introduction to issues, shooting techniques and equipment of a high-end studio.
  2. Analysis of commercial fields applied to still-life photography
    • conceive a campaign for each of them
    • shoot the campaign with the teacher
  3. Specific equipment for analog and digital shooting
    • view cameras and camera stands
    • medium format cameras
    • full-frame reflex cameras
    • lenses and accessories
    • digital backs and softwares
  4. Specific equipment for set and lighting
    • bank
    • lantern softbox
    • fresnel
    • optical focusing spot
    • sunlight reflector
    • honeycomb grids
    • articulating Loc-Line arms
    • flags
    • lighted table
  5. Materials lighting
    • metal
    • plastic
    • glass
    • leather
    • food
  6. Layout analysis and interpretation
  7. Texture, backgrounds and props research
  8. Professionals involved in complex shooting
    • mock-up maker
    • set designer
    • food stylist
    • stylist
    • make-up artist
    • art buyer
  9. Choosing the proper equipment and lights for indoors or on-location shooting
  10. Technical, creative, logistic and operative differences according to different sets
    • advertising
    • editorial
    • ecommerce

By the end of the still life photography course students will have a great variety of shots.
Students will be given a certificate of attendance with an evaluation based on their performance.