Reportage photography course

The professional reportage photography course

The reportage photography course is aimed, after an initial introduction to author photojournalism and to documentary photography and through the vision and analysis of various authors and themes, at developing the students’ ability towards storytelling. Achieving this result requires two fundamental self-expression elements: authorship and contents.
Student’s shots are analyzed with a view to making them more self-conscious of image reading and interactions. Students learn how to be more intimate with places and people, how to become aware of how the observation art can be a joyful and intense act and how to communicate emotions through it.

During the reportage photography course special attention is given to image editing focusing on elements that, in a sequence, make a story more interesting and engaging. Students creativity development is channeled in a theme on which they have to work professionally. Student’s work has to be in line with the market, no matter if the reportage is commissioned or personal.

LESSONS | 16, 4 hours each
HOURS | 64
CERTIFICATE | Certificate of attendance
LANGUAGE | English or Italian


      1. Introduction to reportage photography: author photojournalism and documentary
      2. Classical photojournalism
        • analysis of influential authors of the last 30-40 years: Franck, Klein, Peress
        • landscape in documentary photography: relevance and analysis of authors related to the
          “New Topographic: Photographs of a Man Altered Landscape” language: Adam, Shore, Baltz, Schmidt, Graham, Gossage
        • portraits in documentary photography
        • emerging talents
      3. New languages in today documentary photography
        • Internet and Google Earth
        • use of historical photos
        • multimedia and web documentaries
        • real life simulation
      4. The story
        • how to find a good story
        • how to tell a story through images
        • how to give a story authorship
        • where to get information
        • looking for funds and assignments
        • logistics and documentation
        • the fixer
      5. Practical realization and problem solving
        • respecting the photographed subject
        • how to be accepted
        • how to become invisible without interfering in daily life
        • ethical aspects
      6. Technical aspects: which camera, lens or composition to choose according to the story
      7. After the shooting
        • editing
        • post-production
        • captioning
        • presentation
      8. The market
        • elements of market flow
        • wages
        • archive management
        • newspapers and editorial market analysis
      9. Long-term personal projects
        • exhibitions
        • self-publishing
        • photo books

By the end of the reportage photography course students will have a great variety of shots that will be selected by the teacher and will become part of their portfolio.
Students will be given a certificate of attendance with an evaluation based on their performance.

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