The one-year reportage photography course by John Kaverdash Academy of Photography offers an updated and crisp education in reportage, documentary photography and in all the other related areas essential to pursue success in this career.
The one-year reportage photography course begins with a focus on the basics and lays the foundations from which students will later develop reportage-related creative projects.

During the first semester, from October to February, students are taught about shooting technique and photographic composition, both in studio and outdoors. Together with digital photography students learn about black-and-white analog photography and by discovering the darkroom they develop and print at a fine-art level.
Post-production is taught with the latest versions of the softwares used in professional work environments, such as Photoshop, Camera Raw and Lightroom.
Students also learn art history end expand their cultural background, with special attention to the evolution of reportage photography according to social changes, the rise of new medias, the web and the shift from analog to digital.
Print and web press is analysed, focusing on international magazines, agencies, editorial guidelines and types of services.

During the second semester, from March to July, students work on their own personal projects according to current trends in reportage and documentary photography. They deal with the creative part and research, but also have to take into account all the practical issues like budgeting, funds research and client relationship.

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Lessons | 135, 4 hours each
Hours | 450
Certificate | Certificate of attendance
Language | English


  1. Photographic technique
  2. Photo shootings
    • studio shootings
    • outdoors shooting
  3. Analog shootings
  4. Editing
  5. Post-production
    • Photoshop
    • Camera Raw
    • Lightroom
  6. B/W darkroom
    • development
    • printing
  7. Visual communication
  8. Art and photography history, with a focus on reportage and documentary photography
  9. Research
  10. Reportage production under the guide of the teacher

By the end of the one-year reportage photography course students will have reportage stories that will be selected by the teacher and will become part of their portfolio.