The portrait photography course gives students the technical knowledges, the consciousness and the approach of a portrait photographer. It does so through the analysis of the most important authors and by mixing theoretical and practical aspects.
Students improve the portrait photography technique by deepening the relationship between cameras and who is on the set.
Students analyze images not only from a technical point of view but also from an aesthetic and conceptual one. In this way, they come to understand the importance of making the correct light, composition and direction choices.
Students develop their own language and their own taste and learn how to work in a professional way.
The portrait photography course alternates theory and shooting sessions with models, actors and more.

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LESSONS | 16, 4 hours each
HOURS | 64
CERTIFICATE | Certificate of attendance
LANGUAGE | English or Italian
Cameras, lenses, models, make-up artists, stylists and equipment are provided by John Kaverdash Academy of Photography.


  1. Authors introduction and equipment analysis
    • equipment introduction: strobes, continuous lights, natural light
  2. Getting to know yourself
    • self-portrait and performance
    • Cindy Sherman
    • Francesca Woodman
    • relevant photographers’ self-portraits
  3. Introspective portrait: see the silence
    • Irving Penn
    • Robert Mapplethorpe
    • David La Chapelle
  4. Documentary portrait
    • August Sander
    • subject analysis and choice
  5. Instinctive photography
    • Henry Cartier Bresson
    • Nan Goldin
  6. Pictorial and cinematic photography
    • Eugenio Recuenco
    • Annie Leibovitz
  7. Fashion and portrait photography
    • Richard Avedon
    • Michael Comte
    • Mario Testino
  8. The studio
    • choice of equipment based on the type of portrait
    • color management
    • screen calibration
  9. Cinema as an inspiration
  10. Contemporary authors
    • Anton Corbijn
    • Mario Testino
    • Mert Alas and Marcus Pigott
  11. Voyeurism
    • Shizuka Yokomizo
    • Philip Lorca Di Corcia
    • Merry Alpern
  12. Searching for personal style
  13. Student’s images analysis and portfolio building

By the end of the portrait photography course students will have a great variety of shots that will be selected by the teacher and will be part of their portfolio.
Students will be given a certificate of attendance with an evaluation based on their performance.