The fashion photography Intensive course offered by the school of photography John Kaverdash goes beyond theory and, after an introduction about studio lighting and shooting techniques, students are given the chance of using industry professionals to train and improve their skills.
The fashion photography intensive course covers topics such as basics and rules of fashion photography, how professionals interact among each other like make-up artists and stylists. This recreates a professional environment, both within the studio and outdoors.
This setting creates an important and experiential journey and allows young professionals to gain confidence in managing the set, by using high-quality equipment and by directing and interacting with models under the guidance of professionals who already work in the fashion industry.
Students are also introduced to marketing strategies and ways of entering the fashion photography world.
Prerequisites: students must be able to use a reflex camera manually and have a basic knowledge of lighting and photography.

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NEXT COURSE | 16 July 2019 – 25 July 2019
ATTENDANCE | 8 days from Monday to Friday
HOURS | 64
LANGUAGE | English / Italian
COST | 2.850,00 euro VAT included
Cameras, lenses, models, make-up artists, stylists and equipment are provided by John Kaverdash Academy of Photography



  1. Introduction to Fashion Photography
    • analysis of the most famous fashion photographers through their own images
    • fashion photography today: advertising, editorials, magazines, look books
    • choices from the newsroom, stylists, make-up artists, hair stylists, models
    • research and make a fashion mood board
  2. Studio Lighting
    • set and equipment
    • full and half-length portraits, beauty photography
    • light in fashion photography: natural and studio light
    • outdoor shootings
  3. Make-up in fashion photography
  4. Styling and trends
  5. Fashion shootings: full and half-length portraits, beauty photography
  6. Elements of post-production
  7. Editing: selection of the best shots and creation of a personal portfolio

By the end of the fashion photography intensive course students will have a great variety of shots that will be selected by the teacher and will become part of their portfolio.
Students will be given a certificate of attendance.