The fashion photography course leads students towards one of the most fascinating fields that, on the other hand, requires specific knowledge of certain rules and techniques, both creative and commercial, in order to stand out among competitors.
The fashion photography course is not only theory-based but gives the chance to shoot with high-end agency models, make-up artists and outfits.
Students have the opportunity to work with top-quality equipment, not easily affordable by beginners.
During the course students begin to study classic lighting set-ups and then move on more engaging shootings and challenging lighting. Students are given hints on commercial fashion photography, on publishing their pictures and on how famous professionals work.

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LESSONS | 16, 4 hours each
HOURS | 64
CERTIFICATE | Certificate of attendance
LANGUAGE | English or Italian
Cameras, lenses, models, make-up artists, stylists and equipment are provided by John Kaverdash Academy of Photography.


  1. Introduction to fashion photography
    • overview of important photographers from 1900 on
    • elements of fashion photography from research, aesthetics and commercial demand
    • making of: newsroom choices, stylists, make-up artists, hair stylists, models
  2. Light in fashion photography
    • relationship between outfit and light
    • shooting attitude
  3. Approaching the set
  4. Beauty photography
    • commercial shots
    • editorial shots
  5. Half-length portraits
  6. Full-length portraits
    • optic white
    • white
    • soft light
    • hard light
    • incident light
    • reflected light
    • mixed light
  7. Backgrounds
    • white
    • colored
    • relationship between light, outfit and background
  8. Light shaping tools
    • bank
    • para
    • umbrellas
    • ring flash
  9. Lighting differences between subject and background in the same set
  10. Man photography
  11. Applying the best lighting technique according to the assignment: catalog, lookbook, editorial, adv.
  12. Portfolio making

By the end of the fashion photography course students will have a great variety of shots that will be selected by the teacher and will become part of their portfolio.
Students will be given a certificate of attendance with an evaluation based on their performance.