Digital Retouch course

The professional photo editing course

Photo editing has become a required knowledge for any photographer who wants to enter the professional world at any level.
Since digital photography has established itself as the norm, any picture goes through editing and retouch, making it necessary to be proficient with editing softwares, particularly Adobe Photoshop.
Making complex images in commercial, adv and fashion photography is very common and this implies a large use of post-production to make what is not possible actually happen.

Knowing the process of photo editing helps the photographer make wise choices during the shooting.
The John Kaverdash photo editing and photoshop course opens new creative opportunities by teaching students how to create extremely difficult images. It also opens new perspectives on planning and viewing pictures.
Exercises are based on images provided by the teacher, but it is also possible to work on personal ones.
The course highlights the importance of Photoshop in photography, color management, light optimization and texture reconstruction.

LESSONS | 16, 4 hours each
HOURS | 64
CERTIFICATE | Certificate of attendance
LANGUAGE | English or Italian
Mackintosh workstations and softwares are provided John Kaverdash Academy of Photography.


      1. Software and interface introduction
      2. Image analysis and workflow
      3. Photoshop
        • differences between raster and vector
        • tools, menus and palettes overview
        • file formats
      4. Understanding the color
        • physics of colors: Newton and Maxell
        • physiology of vision
        • the additive and subtractive color model: RGB and CMYK
        • CMYK conversion, the K channel
        • color space and color management: screen, print
      5. Selection tools
        • rectangular and elliptical selection
        • lazo tool
        • magic wand
        • quick mask
        • layer mask
        • alpha channels
        • paths
      6. Texture retouch
        • skin
        • fabrics
      7. Image restoration
        • stamp tool
        • filters: blur, sharpen and dust and grain
        • history brush
        • old picture restoration
      8. Color correction
        • layers
        • curves
        • selective color correction
      9. Layers
        • working with layers
        • layer styles
        • regulation layers
      10. Elements of image development
      11. Calibration
        • workflow color management
        • color profiles: web, print, screen
        • screen calibration
      12. Different uses of Photoshop: from retouch to photo manipulation

During the photo editing and photoshop course, students will work on a great variety of shots that will become part of their portfolio.
Students will be given a certificate of attendance with an evaluation based on their performance.

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The Academy

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70 strobe lights

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10×12, 13×18, 20×25

digital back

Hasselblad full frame

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