The black & white darkroom course course is aimed at creating laboratory professionals able to correctly develop and print, by using the best techniques and a proper chemical knowledge.
B/W photography is an alternative to color photography, both from a technical and an expressive point of view.
Printing in black and white offers almost the same creative opportunities as those present during a shooting.

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LESSONS | 16, 4 hours each
HOURS | 64
CERTIFICATE | Certificate of attendance


  1. Darkroom equipment
    • general equipment
    • film development equipment
    • print equipment
  2. Black and White photography relevant authors: portrait, reportage, architecture, landscape
  3. BW film development
    • general rules and principles
    • development chemistry
    • development technique
    • set-up
    • various format film development
    • choosing the right equipment
  4. Print
    • contact print
    • enlargement
    • exposure
    • development
    • stop bath
    • fixing
    • washing and drying
    • finishing touches
    • suggestions and recommendations
  5. Mistakes correction
    • negatives weakening and strengthening
    • stains on negatives and prints
    • mistakes detection tricks
    • lighting and shooting mistakes, improper equipment use
    • problem solving
  6. Processing
    • tonings
    • Lith print
    • theory of photo manipulation
    • solarization
    • elements of color print and of E6, C-41
  7. The Zone System
    • definition
    • film pre-visualization and contrasts
    • film density
    • negative development methods
    • Zone System personalization:
      • standard print time test
      • sensibility film test
      • film development time
      • greyscale
  8. Special chemistry
    • photography chemistry: personalized development, fix and toning
    • inversion: from BW film to BW photographic slides
    • measured solarization
  9. Technical information, finding the right equipment and technical biography

During the black & white darkroom course students develop and print a great variety of shots that will become part of their portfolio.
Students will be given a certificate of attendance with an evaluation based on their performance.