Still life and design through the Revenge of Parrot


Still life and design through the Revenge of Parrot Designed by Alessandro Mendini and produced by Alessi, Parrot is a corkscrew for sommeliers, in cast aluminum and PC. During our still life lessons, we usually imagine a story behind every object before we get to the shot. Here we have imagined a fairy tale entitled "The Revenge of Parrot". In this tale, the main character manages to escape from the cage that holds him prisoner, but not before locking up some top quality wine caps in its place. Obviously, translating an idea into a single image

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Dynamic Still Life


Dynamic Still Life The purpose of photography is to be able to capture the moment by freezing it in a fraction of a second. This purpose is visibly represented at best by the photography of fast-moving subjects. This is the job of sports photographers and reporters, but also of those involved in advertising photography. In the adv still life, and particularly in food photography, it is often asked to take dynamic settings in which liquids and fumes are present. This type of photography is as much fascinating as complex because it requires taking real moving sculptures,

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