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Photographic Technique


PHOTOGRAPHIC TECHNIQUE COURSE The Photographic Technique course is the ideal photography course for those who are approaching photography for the first time or for those who, despite their experience, wish to consolidate it. The first part of the photographic technique course - provided by John Kaverdash Academy of Photography - is aimed at explaining what professional photography means and teaches the different steps of an analog or digital shooting, both from a technical and a theoretical perspective. During this part, special projections of leading authors will also help in giving an idea of how technical skills go

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PORTRAIT COURSE The portrait photography course gives students the technical knowledges, the consciousness and the approach of a portrait photographer. It does so through the analysis of the most important authors and by mixing theoretical and practical aspects.Students improve the portrait photography technique by deepening the relationship between cameras and who is on the set.Students analyze images not only from a technical point of view but also from an aesthetic and conceptual one. In this way, they come to understand the importance of making the correct light, composition and direction choices.Students develop their own language


BW Darkroom


BLACK AND WHITE DARKROOM COURSE The black & white darkroom course course is aimed at creating laboratory professionals able to correctly develop and print, by using the best techniques and a proper chemical knowledge. B/W photography is an alternative to color photography, both from a technical and an expressive point of view. Printing in black and white offers almost the same creative opportunities as those present during a shooting. discover the gallery > LESSONS | 16, 4 hours each HOURS | 64 CERTIFICATE | Certificate of attendance PROGRAM Darkroom equipment general equipment film development

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REPORTAGE PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE The reportage photography course is aimed, after an initial introduction to author photojournalism and to documentary photography and through the vision and analysis of various authors and themes, at developing the students’ ability towards storytelling. Achieving this result requires two fundamental self-expression elements: authorship and contents. Student’s shots are analyzed with a view to making them more self-conscious of image reading and interactions. Students learn how to be more intimate with places and people, how to become aware of how the observation art can be a joyful and intense act and


Visual Communication


VISUAL COMMUNICATIONCOURSE The visual communication course focuses on the different communication systems in which photography or images are used. The course studies the image as an object, made by visual codes, that can be explored or interpreted. The photographer, as image creator, needs to have an in-depth technical knowledge linked to a great aesthetics. They also need the ability to interpret. modern media, where images are now predominant. The visual communication course is structured in two parts, each of them held by different teachers with a fashion and a reportage background. The editorial world

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Digital Retouching


DIGITAL RETOUCH COURSE Photo editing has become a required knowledge for any photographer who wants to enter the professional world at any level. Since digital photography has established itself as the norm, any picture goes through editing and retouch, making it necessary to be proficient with editing softwares, particularly Adobe Photoshop. Making complex images in commercial, adv and fashion photography is very common and this implies a large use of post-production to make what is not possible actually happen. Knowing the process of photo editing helps the photographer make wise choices during the

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Still Life


STILL LIFE COURSE Attending the Still Life Photography course students learn the fundamentals of advertising photography, both at a theoretical and at a practical level. Still life photography is one of the most fascinating and requested specializations in the professional advertising photography world and is becoming more and more important also in design, furniture and food fields. Being a  still life photographers means to work together with newsrooms, publishing houses, advertising agencies and various clients to shoot catalogs, brochures, campaigns and billboards. John Kaverdash Academy provides digital backs and large-format cameras, enabling the students to create very high-quality

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FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE The fashion photography course leads students towards one of the most fascinating fields that, on the other hand, requires specific knowledge of certain rules and techniques, both creative and commercial, in order to stand out among competitors. The fashion photography course is not only theory-based but gives the chance to shoot with high-end agency models, make-up artists and outfits. Students have the opportunity to work with top-quality equipment, not easily affordable by beginners. During the course students begin to study classic lighting set-ups and then move on more engaging shootings and challenging

  • scatto del corso intensivo di fotografia di moda

Intensive Course in Fashion Photography: Enrollment


Intensive Course in Fashion Photography: Enrollment You can still enroll on the intensive course in Fashion Photography by John Kaverdash Academy of Photography. The course will start with an introduction to fashion photography, covering current trends and contemporary authors. Students will then learn how to manage the light and the set. Professional models, stylists, make-up artists and hairdressers will be available on set and thus create a professional work environment. The course is made of 40 hours of lesson with an attendance from Monday to Friday for 8 hours a day. find out more >

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  • concorso storie di economia circolare

‘Storie di Economia Circolare’ competition


Circular Economy Case Histories Competition May 31th 2018 is the deadline to take part to the ‘Storie di Economia Circolare’ competition. According to Ellen MacArthur Foundation, with “Circular Economy” we refer to an economic activity that builds and rebuilds overall system health. The model distinguishes between biological cycles, which regenerate living systems, such as soil, which provide renewable resources for the economy, and Technical cycles, which recover and restore products, components and materials through strategies like reuse, repair, remanufacture or (in the last resort) recycling. The first prize is €3.500,00 for the video category and €3.000,00 for

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