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The John Kaverdash Academy of Photography

John Kaverdash Photography Academy was established in 1987 with the headquarters in Milano, Italy. Over the years it has become a top player in photography education thanks to the professional success of its students and the involvement of professionals from the Milanese fashion industry.

Where John Kaverdash Academy differs from the other similar institutes is in its extremely practice-oriented approach. Above all, real photo shooting conditions are indeed simulated both at the planning and operational level.

John Kaverdash offers a wide range of photography courses: from the Photographic Technique course for a first approach to the world of professional photography, to the specific courses.
Specific course offers by the Academy are in: Reportage, Fashion, Still Life, Darkroom, Portrait, Visual Communication and Digital Retouching.
Length of the courses depends by the different needs and preferences: Professional Photography course is a one year program, then are courses lasting a semester and an intensive course in Fashion Photography lasting 8 days.

To allow students to better face each of these courses and to guarantee the best technical-creative results, John Kaverdash Academy is equipped with high-end photo cameras both analog and digital.

Students at John Kaverdash Accademy have the unique opportunity to benefit of top-notch professional equipment, such as:

  • two 200mq photographic studios, with rails system
  • 70 strobe lights fully accessorized
  • full-frame and medium-format cameras
  • monorail view cameras
  • 100 lenses for different typologies of cameras
  • digital back
  • 15 post-production Mac workstations
  • fully accessorized set for any kind of professional photographies
  • fully accessorized darkroom

As a result of this experience, each photography course includes the creation of a high-quality photographic portfolio, in addition to providing the necessary creative and practical knowledge.

Why choose the John Kaverdash Photography Academy

70 strobe lights

fully accessorized

100 lenses

for different typologies of cameras


full-frame and medium-format

Mac workstations

for post-production

two 200mq photographic studios

with rails system

optical benches

10×12, 13×18, 20×25

digital back

Hasselblad full frame

fully accessorized set /span>

for any kind of professional photographies<


fully accessorized

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