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John Kaverdash

Passion for photography: this is what defines John Kaverdash Academy of Photography, located in Milan, Italy, in its wonderful design and fashion district.
The Academy offers an all-around and practice-oriented journey with the goal to shape the next-generation professional photographers, skilled to work in any photography field.



Fashion Photography Summer Course 2019: Enrollment

Enrollments are opened for the Fashion Photography Intensive course that will take place on July 2019, from the 16th to the 25th. This course will be offered by the school of photography John Kaverdash. Course will start with an introduction to fashion photography, where will be

  • scatto del corso intensivo di fotografia di moda

Intensive Course in Fashion Photography: Enrollment

Intensive Course in Fashion Photography: Enrollment You can still enroll on the intensive course in Fashion Photography by John Kaverdash Academy of Photography. The course will start with an introduction to fashion photography, covering current trends and contemporary authors. Students will then learn how to manage the light

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John Kaverdash Academy is the most equipped photography school in Italy.
Offering such a wide range of equipment makes it one of the top-players among the European photography institutes.
Students will have the opportunity to study in 2 fully equipped studios accessorized with 70 strobes, 30 Canon, Nikon, Hasselblad, Pentax, Sinar and Toyo camera bodies and 90 lenses.