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John Kaverdash

Passion for photography: this is what defines John Kaverdash Academy of Photography.
The Academy offers an all-around and practice-oriented journey with the goal to shape the next-generation of professional photographers, skilled to work in any photography field.
The Academy is located in Milan Italy – in a wonderful design and fashion district.


How to load the Hasselblad roll film magazine

How to load the Hasselblad roll film magazine Hasselblad cameras in the 500 or “V” series are completely manual and to know how to properly load on them the roll film magazine is one of the fundamental procedures for obtaining good pictures. These single-lens reflex were one of

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Dynamic Still Life

Dynamic Still Life The purpose of photography is to be able to capture the moment by freezing it in a fraction of a second. This purpose is visibly represented at best by the photography of fast-moving subjects. This is the job of sports photographers and reporters,

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John Kaverdash Academy is the most equipped photography Academy in Italy and its wide range of equipment makes the Academy one of the top-players among all the European photography institutes.

Students have the opportunity to study and practice in a fully equipped studios accessorized with 70 strobes, 30 Canon, Nikon, Hasselblad, Pentax, Sinar and Toyo camera bodies and 90 lenses.
A dark room is also part of the Academy.